Okon Metals Recycling

Okon Metals is committed to diversity and hiring employees from the immediate areas and both its management team and staff reflect that commitment. We are proud to say we have employees still working for us that Louis Okon's great-grandfather hired decades before he was even born.


We pay out tens of millions of dollars to the immediate community for recyclable materials each year. Some of our customers recycle metals as a full time profession. Others recycle with us to supplement their income to help make ends meet.  In doing so, all of them conserve the Earth’s natural resources by helping us keep thousands of tons of metals out of the landfill each month.

Maintaining and improving the Earth’s environmental stability has always been a primary focal point for Okon Metals. We use cutting edge technology in emission reduction, recycle thousands of tons monthly, and participate in community clean ups. Our actions demonstrate that the environment has been one of our cornerstones since our inception nearly a century ago. The scrap metal recycling industry purchases, processes, and brokers materials to be remade into new products, providing critical resources for America’s manufacturing industries. Our industry annually transforms more than 150 million tons of obsolete materials from consumers, businesses, and manufacturers into useful raw materials. With the growing societal focus on protecting our natural resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the scrap recycling industry is being recognized as the world’s largest and oldest environmental industry.


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Okon Metals Recycling
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